About Me

I’m Luciano Strika, a Computer Science student at Buenos Aires University.

I work as a Data Scientist at MercadoLibre’s Machine Learning team, for the Fraud Prevention area.

I love solving interesting problems, learning about different, original solutions along the way.

I have always been very interested in Statistics, Machine Learning, and Algorithms.

In my free time, I like playing Euro-style boardgames, Tabletop Roleplaying, and binge-watching shows.

About this site

I’ve liked writing from a very young age, and have always wanted to have my very own piece of the internet, however small.

Since I am passionate about Data Science, Programming and related disciplines, I decided to start this project and see where it takes us.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible, and make their day better, make them think of something interesting, learn something new or, hopefully, solve a new problem.

Feel free to connect with me on Medium, Twitter or Dev.to.

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